Center For The Political Study Of
 Islam - Dedicated to the understanding of political Islam through the 
original texts.

CSPI Statistical Analysis of Islam

Percentage of Text Devoted to Political Violence:

Q'uran / Sira 80%

Old Testament 5%

New Testament - Zero %




CSPI Q'uran: More Jihad than Religion


CSPI 60% of Q'uran: Jihad to the Kuffar

CSPI More Anti-Jew Text than
Hitler's Mein Kampf

CSPI Only 150 Muslims - First 13 Years
Spreading Islam by the Sword
Increased figure to 100,000


Primary Doctrine Books

Mohammed & The Unbelievers

The Political Traditions of Mohammed

A Simple Koran

An Abridged Koran


Self-Study Course

A Self-Study Course on Political Islam

Thirteen Lessons on Political Islam

Thirteen Talks on Political Islam


Special Interest Books

The Submission of Women and Slaves

Sharia Law for the
Non Muslim

Six Views of Islam

Mohammed, Allah, and the Christians

Mohammed, Allah and the Jews

Mohammed, Allah, and Hinduism

Mohammed, Allah, and the Intellectuals

Mohammed, Allah, and the Mind of War

Mohammed, Allah and Politics

Statistical Islam

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